Isnin, 25 Mei 2009


I am so pissed off without you.
I need you to be with me here.

stupid migraine !
You've ruined my entire day .

Isnin, 18 Mei 2009

I Miss You.. ='(

I Miss You Sooo so Much..
My baby went far away..


Do take care my dear,
cause i do concern about your health..
you can always call or message me every time
you got any problem..
I'm always here..
I'll never step far away from
where you've found me..


I Have To Wait..
For You..

I love You..

And I hope you'll love me too..

- My Thirteen ..

Ahad, 17 Mei 2009


My baby when home to his nest today ='(
god... Nyilunya hati ini...

Owwh.. Im touched..

We were both young when i first saw you,
i closed my eyes and the flashback starts..
. . . .

He speaks with his heart..
I never felt so appreciated..
He's mine.. And i hope it'll be forever..
He often melts my heart..
He even knows how to love me..
He knows how to persuade me..

I wish to be with you..
I wish god will let me live with you
in the future..
You saved me from hurting myself..

And i don't know how i fall inlove with you..

I just wanted to say..
I love you thirteen..

I love you..


abishh... Ehe

Sabtu, 16 Mei 2009

10.00am.. Hmm...

I Miss You Waa..
I wanna meet you..

Uwhh.. 7.33 udh..

Hmm.. Hailo Love..
I miss you so badly..
Bru jua brapa minute yg lalu.
Hmm.. Mandi lagi ne.. Ahaha. Antm2..
Aueh2 ukn pmihir ne..
Erm..Antm2 tu tmpt becaita..
Diam gnya ya nya..

Eh you2, na rndu me kh? Astee..Manis..

Mwah..Love you 13.. Bh2 mndi2..
"BJ" =)

Jumaat, 15 Mei 2009


I need to see you so bad ygg!
And Im On My Way To Reached You. Stay Where You Are Baby.... please Stay..

So Long Suckers

Free Atlast,
I've Had Enough Of Bullshit Fuck Offs



Stare at the moon if you
missed me..
Cause that's what i do..
Everytime you're in my mind..
I miss you..
I realy do..

I want you..

I miss you.. My 13..

My River Of Sorrow
begans to lost its water..
But suddenly..

Day by day, there has been a heavy rain..

Then came this innocent cloud..
It tries to speak and shed away my tears,.
It comforts me with his beautiful smiles..
It tells me a lot of things
that i should know about in this world..
It teaches me how to laugh..
And..How to keep inlove with each other..

Then..When the day had reached to a new
sunshine..My dear cloud has to leave me..
Once again.. My river of sorrow begans to lost its water..
And for the last time.. My river and i sang the painful poetry..,

My Dear cloud..
I long for your touched
and love..
But you never come..

Im missing you..So damn much..
Until then.. The dry season had come..
You.. Still .. Wasn't there..
Beside me..

Jumaat, 1 Mei 2009

Trueblood Soundtrack Lists

Episode 1 - Strange love

Song: Y'all'd Think She'd Be Good 2 Me
Artist: C.C. Adcock
Album: Lafayette Marquis
Scene: Intro scene where couple in truck see Tru Blood sign

Song: Goodbye Good Lookin'
Artist: Robbie Fulks
Album: Revenge!
Scene: Inside Merlotte’s, we meet Sookie

Song: Soulful Garage
Artist: Southern Culture On the Skids
Album: Mojo Box
Scene: Sookie talks to Sam while leaning on the bar

Song: The Dreaming Dead
Artist: Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter
Album: Oh, My Girl
Scene: Sookie turns around, as Vampire Bill sits down at a table

Song: Until I Wake Up
Artist: Dishwalla
Album: And You Think You Know What Life’s About
Scene: plays when Sookie sees Bill for the first time (In pre-air screeners only, not in broadcast episode)

Song: Strange Love
Artist: Slim Harpo
Album: The Best of Slim Harpo
Scene: Sookie talks to Tara as she drinks her margarita

Song: Lake Charles
Artist: Lucinda Williams
Album: Car Wheels On A Gravel Road
Scene: After fighting off the Ratray’s, Sookie and Bill get acquainted

Song: Still Beating
Artist: Josh Ritter
Album: The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter
Scene: Jason comes into Merlotte’s looking for Sookie, wants to go home with Dawn

Song: Dang Good Stuff
Artist: Kim Lenz & Her Jaguars
Album: Kim Lenz & Her Jaguars
Scene: Jason interrupts Sookie’s sun-bathing

Song: Bar Exam
Artist: The Derailers
Album: Here Comes The Derailers
Scene: played in Merlotte’s during the scene just prior to Sookie seeing Bill again (Pre-air screeners only)

JosephArthur-Stumble And Pain
Song: Stumble And Pain
Artist: Joseph Arthur
Album: Our Shadows Will Remain
Scene: plays when Sookie and Bill meet for a second time

Song: Bones
Artist: Little Big Town
Album: The Road To Here
Scene: plays as credits roll

Episode 2 - The First Taste

Song: Ricky Tin Ting
Artist: Extreme Production Music

Song: Two Wheels
Artist: Alligator Stew
Album: Alligator Stew

Song: Say Wat It Do?
Artist: Blood What True / Camboso
Album: Say Wat It Do?
Scene: Plays during backyard party attended by Tara and Lafayette

Song: Girls
Artist: Eleni Mandell
Album: Miracle Of Five

Song: The First Taste
Artist: Fiona Apple
Album: Tidal

Song: How The Day Sounds
Artist: Greg Laswell
Album: Three Flights From Alto Nido

Song: Love Gotcha
Artist: Coco Montoya
Album: Dirty Deal

Song: Honky Tong Queen
Artist: Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys
Album: Rockin’ Big Sandy

Song: Rose Thorn Bed
Artist: Alligator Stew
Album: Alligator Stew

Song: Snake In The Grass
Artist: Vallejo
Album: Leftovers

Episode 3 - Mine

Song: Snake In The Grass
Artist: Vallejo
Album: Leftovers
Scene: Sookie on Bill’s porch, surrounded by vampires

Song: Free Fall
Artist: Pitch Black
Album: Frequencies Fail
Scene: Bill protects Sookie from the other vampires

Song: Downtown
Artist: Alex Chilton
Album: The Songs of Tom Waits
Scene: Sam and Tara discuss Sookie & Bill while stocking Merlotte’s

Song: Far Far Away
Artist: Wilco
Album: Being There
Scene: Sam and Tara sitting on his porch, talking about their personal life

Song: From A Whisper To A Scream
Artist: Allen Toussaint
Album: The Allen Toussaint Collection
Scene: Tara makes a tempting offer to Sam

Song: Mine
Artist: Bing Crosby & Judy Garland
Album: Bing - His Legendary Years 1931-1957
Scene: Sookie sneaks up on Bill and they kiss passionately

Song: Red Eyes And Tears
Artist: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Album: B.R.M.C.
Scene: Bill visit’s Malcolm’s vampire nest and asks them to stay away from he and Sookie

Song: Belly Disco
Artist: Karminsky Experience
Album: The Power Of Suggestion
Scene: Tara leaves her drunken mother to stay with Lafayette

Song: Soccer Practice
Artist: Jonny McGovern
Album: Dirty Gay Hits
Scene: Jason dances in front of Lafayette’s camera for V-Juice

Song: Good Times
Artist: Charlie Robinson
Album: Good Times
Scene: End Credits

Episode 4 - Escape from dragon house

Song: Brand New Cadillac
Artist: Wayne “The Train” Hancock
Album: Best Of
Scene: Playing in Merlotte’s Bar

Song: Not This Time
Artist: Johnny Neel
Album: Gun Metal Blue
Scene: Plays while Sookie listens in on everyone’s thoughts at Merlotte’s

Song: Jack Me Up
Artist: Jeff Laine
Album: Long Way To Go
Scene: Sookie listens to Hoyt think about Dawn

Song: Hoi Mai, Kuu Ipo’
Artist: Kalani Kinimaku & His Kanakas
Scene: Bill tells Sookie she looks like vampire bait, on the way to Fangtasia

Song: Don’t Fear The Reaper
Artist: Heaven 17
Album: Before After
Scene: Bill & Sookie entering Fangtasia

Song: Demon(s)
Artist: Darkest Hour
Album: Deliver Us
Scene: Sookie asks Long Shadow about Maudette and Dawn

Song: Escape From Dragon House
Artist: Dengue Fever
Album: Escape From Dragon House
Scene: Bill and Sookie in the car ride home from Fangtasia

Song: That Smell
Artist: Lynyrd Skynyrd
Album: Street Survivors (Deluxe Edition)
Scene: End Credits

-that's all for now-